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Successful “Investing” or “Trading” requires the mastering of strategies to accurately predict: (1) the Market Trends, and (2) the Market Timing.

Money Printing Strategy specializes on Trend Prediction and Timing of financial markets.

It uses the strategies of the “Crystal Ball for Investing and Trading” book, designed and developed by Aman Kabir, to achieve those goals. The book is available also in PDF.

Market Trend Prediction strategy enables to predict the market trends to ensure it is always trending in line with our open positions.

Market Timing strategy enables determination of the precise Timing to open or close a trading position well in advance.

We take pride in having predicted the crash of 2008 some six weeks before the Dow Jones top of 14,167 points on October 9, 2007. It then crashed to 6,470 on March 6, 2009.

The crash of 2020 was predicted in 2014 in Aman’s book, the “Crystal Ball for Investing and Trading“.

This time, Dow Jones is predicted to crash minimum 76.4% from its historical top, to bottom on November 9, 2022, or on October 21, 2021.