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Aman Kabir was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, graduated from an engineering school in Paris, France, and then moved to Germany to work for the European Space Agency. ESA is a European intergovernmental institution in charge of coordination, implementation, and operations of European space policies and activities, like NASA.

At ESA, he was in charge of telecommunications systems for monitoring and control of European satellites. He was also a member of the satellite launch control team from 1983 to 1999.

Among others, the fly-by of “Giotto” satellite in 1986, 548 km away from the Halley’s comet, was one of the memorable highlights of his career in ESA.

After 17 years in Germany, he moved to France, then to Holland, to work for the EGNOS and Galileo projects until the end of 2014.

Galileo is the European positioning and navigation service, often referred to, as “the European GPS.”

During his career at ESA until 2014, Aman is proud of the privilege of being part of such prestigious ESA projects.

He was interested in finances, economics, investing, and trading in 1998. He discovered Elliott Wave Principles in 2000. This convinced him that financial market charts contained recognizable patterns, both, in terms of price and duration, which are the two prerequisites for accurate trend prediction of financial markets.

Aman had predicted the so-called 2008 financial crisis in August 2007, less than two months before the Dow Jones index reached 14,198 points on October 11, 2007. As we know, it subsequently began a nose-dive, down to 6,470 points on March 6, 2009, in less than 18 months. This represented a 54.4% loss from its peak.

This should remind us that neither the politicians, the Fed, the financial gurus, the corporate CEOs, nor the media were able to accurately predict or prevent the depression called by many as “financial crisis.”

In his book the Crystal Ball for Investing and Trading, Aman had provided a Dow Jones prediction with unprecedented accuracy. The historical crash should bring it from the historical top of 29,568 points on February 12, 2020, down to 5,837 on November 9, 2022 or October 21, 2021.

In the meantime, the world global financial situation being even more vulnerable than in 2007, no one will be able to prevent the advent of chapter 8 predictions concerning the forthcoming historical correction.

Aman speaks French, German, English, and Farsi (Persian) all, as a native language. He currently lives in France.

Aman loves people and life. One mission of his life is to make accessible the sciences called by him “Deep Knowledge and Wisdom”, to the world citizens at an affordable price. The “Crystal Ball” is the result of his first contribution. Others will follow.

To live a spiritually happy life, we all need to grow and contribute each single day. Growing could mean learning new skills, replacing a bad behavior by a better one, improving one’s self-love and self-esteem, or discovering deep inside, the true human being we are.

Learning creates the opportunity to live the noble values ​​of surprise, adventure, spontaneity, curiosity, inspiration, and passion. Above all, it dispels the feelings of boredom and monotony. Learning let us grow and enlarge our comfort zone.

The act of contribution gives us the opportunity to share the magical moments of our lives with love and generosity. A beautiful smile to a stranger, an anonymous assistance to a person in need, but also through technological innovations that could make people’s lives easier and enjoyable, are a few examples of contribution.

The most memorable moments of our life are moments of sharing. You can then realize that the pleasure of giving and sharing with love and generosity is much more intense than taking and keeping for oneself.

We are all on earth to experience the deepest emotions of love and happiness. These are our true needs and desires. So, why waste time and settle for a mediocre life when a great one of happiness is at hand?

We can all change our lives for the better by making a real decision. Will today be the beginning of a happier life for you? The decision is yours…

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