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Aman Kabir was born in 1955 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He graduated from the French Lycee (Esteqlal) in Kabul in 1974 while the school was sponsored and managed by Frenchs. As one of best students of the year, he then earned a French Government scholarship to study the Information Technologies in an Engineering school in France. He left Kabul for Paris, France in 1974, a period of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. He joint the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique (ESIEE) in 1975. He earned the title of "Diplome Ingenieur" in 1981. His original dream was to return back to Afghanistan and serve the country. However, the political situation had meanwhile gone dramatically wrong and due to insecurity and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980, he continued an additional year of specialization in computer sciences in Ecole Superieure d'Electricite (ESE - SUPELEC) until 1982. The Afghanistan's political situation continuing to deteriorate, he then decided in 1982 to join a French company in Paris as Telecommunications Engineer. In 1983, he moved to Germany to prepare the phase-in of the ESA/ESOC (European Space Agency - European Space Operation Center) newly purchased Telecommunications Network for Operations. Until 1999, he was a member of ESA/ESOC Satellite Launch Control Team. The launch of Giotto Satellite to encounter the Halley’s comet, the first ever ESA deep space mission in 1985, was one of many, that were supported by the aforementioned telecommunication system.

After 17 years in Germany, he then moved to Toulouse, France to manage several sub-projects of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), the equivalent of the US WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System). The purpose of the mission is to improve the GPS signal in terms of Availability, Accuracy, Integrity, and Continuity to enhance the air traffic control, among others. After EGNOS, he moved to the Galileo Project Office in ESA/ESTEC (European Space Agency - European Space Technology Center) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands in 2012. Galileo navigation system is the equivalent of the US GPS, sponsored by the European Commission. During his professional career, Aman takes pride for his  contribution to success of those prestigious ESA projects.

 He became interested in economics, finance, investing, and trading in 1998. He came across Elliott Wave Principles in 2000. This gave him the conviction that market charts display recognizable patterns in forms and timing. Aman predicted the so-called financial crisis of 2007 in mid-August, less than two months before the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) made an intraday high of 14,198 on October 11, 2007. DJIA then started its crash down to 6,470 until March 6, 2009 in less than 18 months. This correction represents a loss of 54.4% from its previous all-time high. This fact should remind us that neither politicians, the Fed, the financial gurus, the influential elites, nor the news agencies could prevent that crash. And again, the world financial situation being even more vulnerable than 2007, no one can prevent the Money Printing Strategy prediction of the forthcoming crash in front of the door.

Aman Speaks, French, German, English, and Farsi (Persian), all like a mother language. He currently lives in France. Aman loves people and life. One of his life's missions is to make accessible the current state-of-the-art sciences called by him Profound Knowledge and Wisdom, to world citizens at an affordable price. Money Printing Strategy is the fruit of his first contribution in this field. Others will follow.

To live a spiritually happy life, we all need to consistently grow and contribute each passing day. Growing can be achieved by learning new skills, replacing bad behaviors with good ones, loving and respecting oneself and others increasingly more, and/or discovering the true human being we are. Acts of giving and contributing enable us to feel the most enjoyable and contagious pleasure of sharing the magical moments of our lives with love and generosity. A beautiful smile to an unknown person, helping someone in need anonymously while expecting nothing in return, and also through technological innovation and services that make people's life easier, are simple examples of contribution. You may then realize that pleasure of giving and sharing with love is much stronger than that of taking and keeping for oneself.

We are all on earth to feel the deepest feeling of love and be happiness. This is our most profound need and desire. So why waste time and settle for a mediocre life while a great life of happiness is at hand? We all can change our lives for the better by making a true decision. Is today the beginning of a happier (or happy) and more loving life for you? The decision is yours...
Become your own financial adviser and trade based on your own independent trend predictions and trading strategy -  not on untrustworthy, unreliable, and costly external advice.
In Money Printing Strategy, we highly value and respect our customers' trust that we shall not betray in any way, and take pride in our honesty and integrity. We believe that these values form not only the foundation of trustworthy relationships but  are also essential prerequisites for long term successful business, especially in the sensitive fields of wealth management, trend prediction, finances, investing, and trading.
Money Printing Strategy supports actively the Afghan children and women in need of education and health. When purchasing product or services, you contribute implicitly to a Charity foundation which spends over 90% of the funds directly in helping the Afghan children and women in Afghanistan.

They deserve your help! Your donations will be transferred to the charity foundation directly.


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