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Dow Jones Trend Prediction Until October 21, 2021


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Before reading this post, you are encouraged to read the Dow Jones' historical evolution since January 14, 2000 for a good understanding of predictions until October 21, 2021. 

Dow Jones Trend Prediction Until October 21, 2021

Market charts are defined by three components: (1) the Chart Pattern, (2) Prices, and (3) Dates and Duration. 

At the end of chapter 3 of the book in 2014, while Dow Jones was under 16,000, it was said that "The subwave D amplitude should achieve one out of four alternatives of 161.8 percent, 200 percent, 261.8 percent, or 461.8 percent of subwave B. Based on this assumption, the subwave D top should then reach either 17,747 (6,470 + [6,970 * 1.618]), 20,410 (6,470 + [6,970 * 2]), 24,717 (6,470 + [6,970 * 2.618]), or 39,157 (6,470 + [6,970 * 4.618])".

In chapter 12 of Money Printing Strategy book, the Dow Jones predictions consider a duration of minimum eight years or more for wave D. 

Meanwhile, the predicted expanding triangle is clearly visible in figure 17.1, an 8-day chart of Dow Jones. Subwaves A, B, C, and D are easily recognizable. Subwave E of Grand Super Cycle degree wave 4 is predicted to start after the predicted historical top.

           Figure 17.1 (Charts courtesy of

The throw-over starting in November 2016 is clearly visible. They occur typically in times of extreme optimism and reckless complacency. It represents the part of the chart that broke through the up-trending resistance line and called by some as "Trump rally."           Figure 17.2 (Charts courtesy of

  Figure 17.2 shows a 4-day chart of Dow Jones. It covers the period from 2006 to September 21, 2017. Subwave C and the developing of subwave D are visible. This chart shows more clearly the throw-over that started in November 2016. Once the predicted historical top of subwave D is achieved, subwave E kicks in and should bring the Dow Jones in the area of down trending support trend line of figure 17.1, most likely around 5,837 as described in chapter 12. 
Since November 2016, we consider that the wave D top should occur with alternative number 3, at 24,717 points, and after March 6, 2017.

Figure 12.3, shows the predicted chart pattern and prices of subwave E with a relatively high level of probability. As regards dates, they may deviate due to market manipulation and monetary policies. Regardless, the accuracy of wave's trends still permits profitable trading and investing.

Within this context, the chart below shows the Money Printing Strategy prediction for the Dow Jones until October 21, 2021.

                         Figure 12-3
The predicted top of 24,717 should occur soon. Meanwhile fresh and new all-time highs are  anticipated. The wave E predicted bottom price is 5,837, on October 21, 2021. Alternative bottom prices are 3,605 or 9,630 in this order of priority. 

Concerning techniques and thinking processes to predict future trends with such a high accuracy, please refer to chapter 12 of Money Printing Strategy book, available on paper or in PDF on this website.

The forthcoming crash is going to provoke unbearable pain to buy&hold investors. At the same time, it presents a once in a life time opportunity for investors who dare to short the markets at each top.

As explained in quite detail and despite overwhelming pain, social unrest, and wars that the forthcoming depression is going to cause across the board, completion of wave E is necessary to provoke major paradigm shifts in all aspects of human societies in order to prepare the ground for the solid foundation on top of which the next wave of growth and prosperity can safely develop. The purpose of wave E is to correct, compensate, eliminate, or neutralize all inefficiencies build in our societies since 1789, the year of French revolution and ratification of constitution of the USA. As you may know, pain is a much stronger motivator than pleasure in human behavior. People tend to be more prone to accept shifting to new paradigms in times of deep pain, recessions and depressions than in times of growth and prosperity.

After bottom of wave E, the Grand Super Cycle degree wave 5 (at one degrees higher) is predicted to kick in. This wave will then mark the beginning of a century long period of giant growth and prosperity for the mankind.

Money Printing Strategy will let you predict the beginning of the Grand Super Cycle degree wave 5 autonomously, with high accuracy, and in a timely manner to profit from the start of subsequent bull markets.
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