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TA # 1; July 31, 2016

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TA # 1                                  TRS # 1                                 July 31, 2016

TradeAlert (TA) Newsletters are prepared by Aman personally. They propose self-standing, comprehensive, and precise Trade Recommendations (TR) based on the Money Printing Strategy (MPS) predictions,

TRs have been designed for easy implementation even for people unfamiliar with the Money Printing Strategy or novice in trading. Since MPS surfs both sides of the wave trends, TAs recommend  the opening of Long and Short positions. If you don’t feel comfortable with short positions, this would obviously be fine too. You may then skip the TRs for the opening of Short positions.

By seeing a TR sheet, you will notice that for each recommended trade of a financial instrument, there are TWO orders one Long and one Short. The main order is in line with the current market trend and the other, to park losses.

The proper application of Money Printing Strategy requires a timely placing of orders to open trading positions. This is all you need to use TAs for trading.

Upon reception of TAs, you can place limit orders according to the contents of the message. In principle, you do not need to follow the market evolution permanently. You just wait until a position is opened. Typically, the Money Printing Strategy staff monitor the trends and may provide specific recommendations at the end of each trading day.

TAs use the end-of-day market charts and are typically published once a day after the closing bell of the US markets or before the opening bell of the next day.

The Performance of TA services is measured through recommendations of the past. The recent history of TAs is listed in the day’s TA. Older history is available on the website for your independent verification.

Serious, active, and professional traders may wish to check the TradeAlert Platinum (TAP) services which are specifically designed for such profile. They will receive several TRs each trading day.

The Trade Recommendation Sheet (TRS) is attached.

You’ll find an example of TA sheet here.

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