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TradeAlert (TA) Newsletter propose self-standing, comprehensive, and precise Trade Recommendations (TR) based on predictions of Money Printing Strategy (MPS). They are prepared by Aman personally.

The selected list below covers 26 Indexes or Stocks that represent several sectors and industries.

Trade Recommendations are designed for easy implementation even for people unfamiliar with Money Printing Strategy. Since MPS surfs both sides of the wave trends, TAs recommend  the opening of Long and Short positions in line with the market trends. Sometimes you may notice two orders, one Long and one Short for the same financial instrument. This happens when Loss-Parking Strategy (LPS) is in play.

Proper application of Money Printing Strategy requires a TIMELY placing of orders to open trading positions. This is all you need to know to use the TradeAlert (TA) newsletters. Upon reception of TAs, you can place limit orders in line with the contents of the message for any of your desired Index or stocks.

TAs use the end-of-day market charts and are typically published once a day after the closing bell of the US markets and before the opening bell of the following trading day.

In Money Printing Strategy, we respect and value our customers' trust. For this reason, a seamless and fully transparent track record of TradeAlert Historical Performances starting from order number 1 is provided for your independent verification.

If you still don’t or cannot trust the presented performances, you may wish to build it by using the TAs for paper trading until you are convinced.

Utilization of end-of-day charts has huge drawbacks. It does not allow securing maximum accrued gains or cutting losses to a minimum during the opening hours of the US markets. It also leads to many unnecessary or avoidable losing trades. This significant shortcoming is overcome by the real-time TradeAlert Platinum (TAP) newsletter services (to be available soon). 

Serious, active, or professional traders may wish to check the TradeAlert Platinum (TAP) newsletter services which are specifically designed for such profile. Subscribers receive several recommendations each day, in real-time, during the opening hours of the US markets.

Currently the following financial instruments are covered in the TradeAlert newsletter:

Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN),  Coca Cola (KO), Commodities (CRY0), Crude Oil (XOILX), German Index (DAX), Dow Jones Industrial (DJ-30), Dow Jones Utility (DJ-15), Dollar Index (DXY0), Facebook (FB), French Index (CAC-40), General Electric (GE), Gold (XGLD), Google (GOOG), JP Morgan (JPM), Microsoft (MSFT), Nasdaq-100 (NDX--X),  Pfizer (PFE), PowerShare QQQ (QQQ), Priceline (PLCN), Real Estate-US (MG-440), S&P-500 (S&P-500), Starbucks (SBUX), UK Index (FTSE), Walmart (WMT), EXXON Mobile (XOM)

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Become your own financial adviser and trade based on your own  independent trend predictions and trading strategy -
not on untrustworthy, unreliable, and costly external advice.
In Money Printing Strategy, we highly value and respect our customers' trust that we shall not betray in any way, and take pride in our honesty and integrity. We believe that these values form not only the foundation of trustworthy relationships but  are also essential prerequisites for long term successful business, especially in the sensitive fields of wealth management, trend prediction, finances, investing, and trading.
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Money Printing Strategy supports actively the Afghan children and women in need of education and health. When purchasing product or services, part of proceeds will be donated to a Charity foundation which spends over 90% of the funds directly in helping the needy Afghan children and women in Afghanistan.

They deserve your help! Your donations will be transferred to the charity foundation directly.
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