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Guidelines For Reading This Book

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Guidelines For Reading This Book

The Money Printing Strategy book is structured in a logical bottom-up and incremental approach. It presents the smaller components of Money Printing Strategy piece by piece to compose the larger pieces. Chapter 3 however, presents a top-down approach to let us see the big picture from the top.

Chapter 17 was added as part of Edition 1 of this book. All strategies and techniques described for the Dow Jones Index are applicable to other world Indexes as well. Therefore, the MPS analyzes for other indexes such as German DAX, French CAC-40, UK FTSE-100, Japanese Nikkei-225, Australian All-Ordinaries, Chinese SSE, S&P-500, and NASDAQ-100 were included. You will also find  detailed analyzes for "Commodity Index", Gold, the US Real Estate, Crude Oil, Dollar Index, EUR/USD, and USD/JPY. Finally, Chapter 17 includes a slight correction of Figure 12.3 (revision 1) and an update on the status of the Demo Account. The Canadian TSX index was omitted then by inadvertence, but is now available as a post.

The overall structure introduces the MPS with (1) theories and concepts, (2) practical examples, (3) ways to practice the MPS with historical data, (4) application in real-time through "on-the-fly trading," (5) measurement of the MPS performances by using a demo-account, and finally (6) forecasting the Dow Jones trends for the period until end of 2021.

Before starting chapter 1, you will find the definition or description of a few trading important topics such as (1) What is Trading Or Investing, (2) "Market Trend Prediction versus Market-Timing, and (3) Optimists versus Pessimists: What about Realists?"

The chapters are presented in a logical way and therefore, are recommended for reading in this order. You find a glimpse of the various topics here below.
  1. Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 explain the basics of Technical Analyzes. They are the essential ingredients of the Trend-Prediction Strategy. They explain the basic tools of technical analyzes, a charting tool, Analyzes of Historical Data, and components of the Money Printing Strategy.
  2. Chapter 5 explains the Trend-Prediction Strategy in theory.
  3. Chapter 6 presents the trading fundamental rules.
  4. Chapter 7 presents the Order-Management Strategy, the Reward-Risk Ratio, and the Trading-Checklist.
  5. Chapter 8 describes the Money Printing Strategy in practice by making 20 paper-trades. It helps to understand the basics of the MPS, the TPS, and the OMS in practice.
  6. Chapter 9 describes the On-The-Fly Examples of Real-time Trading. It shows a close to a real-time application of the MPS by using the DJIA end-of-day charts. It provides details for practical understanding of the concepts and processes of the TPS and the OMS in action.
  7. Chapter 10 presents the results of the demo trading. It presents the MPS Performances in an objective, transparent, and verifiable manner.
  8. Chapter 11 describes the “Last Minutes Updates on Market Trend Prediction and Status of Demo account - Original Edition.”
  9. Chapter 12 presents the Trends Prediction Until End of 2021. This chapter will let you know, like a compass, the position of the forthcoming waves and their future directions, most likely up to the end of 2021.
  10. Chapter 13 describes the State of the US Economy and Finances. You will learn the context within which the MPS is operating in 2014. You may learn here things which you would possibly see no-where else regarding Policies of Governments and Central Bankers. For sure, this chapter will let you See the World in Different Colors, thereafter.
  11. Chapter 14 explains the market timing strategy. It provides preliminary insights.
  12. Chapter 15 presents the “Ultimate Financial Independence.” It explains how you could become financially independent by applying the Money Printing Strategy.
  13. Chapter 16 conveys the author answers to the question: “Our Destiny: Ultimately Where Do the Waves bring us? It provides philosophical views concerning the humanity’s destiny as seen by the Elliott Waves and Money Printing Strategy.
  14. Chapter 17 was added as part of Edition 1. It presents analyzes of DJ-30 Until End of 2015. It also includes analyzes about the state of some European, Japanese, Chinese, and Australian Indexes as well as on Commodities, Gold, Real Estate, Crude Oil, Dollar Index, EUR/USD and, USD/JPY.
Please understand that for purpose of keeping the number of pages of this book as low as possible, subjects of generic and academic natures have intentionally been omitted. If needed, you may wish to search the internet for such topics.
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