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Media News Versus Predictions of Money Printing Strategy

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Media News Versus Predictions of Money Printing Strategy

Meanwhile, you may guess the causality relationship between media news and predictions of Money Printing Strategy. Media news is not needed at all for successful application of MPS and trading, and therefore, can be ignored or discarded. By monitoring evolution of market trends, you can anticipate in real time which type of news is going to be spread. However, it is worthwhile understanding that media and Wall Street professionals have an intense urge to justify the wave actions a posteriori and associate them with news, whether correctly or incorrectly. In psychology, this process is called rationalization. The "crowd" needs to be right or at least able to justify why it was wrong. The process of associating the wave's actions to news provides a good feeling, especially for traders who lost money on the day. With rationalization, the crowd attempts to justify why it is not its own fault but fault of others and refuses to take responsibility for some of its bad trading habits that precisely led to incurred losses. Why MPS doesn't bother about the news? This is because their effects are of short term. Moreover, the waves sit in the driver's seat of market trends, not the news. There is a direct causality relationship between media news and Money Printing Strategy. The waves are the cause of the news, and the news is the effect of wave patterns.

Moreover, often the media associates wrong reasons to market actions because of chauvinism or patriotism. Frequently they tend to accuse foreign governments and countries for national and local miseries. This is a disguised way of refusing to take responsibility for their own national inefficiencies. The news tends to purposely create a distraction of public attention and to protect credibility and status of influential national leaders, even when they apply inefficient or wrong policies.

By applying Money Printing Strategy, you will progressively learn to remain focused on market trends based on results of Trend-Prediction Strategy and regardless of the news. By recognizing wave patterns and predicting market trends, you will know in advance which kind of news - optimistic or pessimistic - the media would air in days to come.
Become your own financial adviser and trade based on your own independent trend predictions and trading strategy - 
not on untrustworthy, unreliable, and costly external advice.
In Money Printing Strategy, we highly value and respect our customers' trust that we shall not betray in any way, and take pride in our honesty and integrity. We believe that these values form not only the foundation of trustworthy relationships but  are also essential prerequisites for long term successful business, especially in the sensitive fields of wealth management, trend prediction, finances, investing, and trading.
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