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Is Our Destiny Predetermined?

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Excerpt from: “Crystal Ball for Investing and Trading” Book

Is Our Destiny Predetermined?

Now that we are familiar with the strategies of Crystal Ball, it is worthwhile asking the philosophical questions, “If the future is predictable based on events of the past, then, is our destiny predetermined?” If so, why should we do anything and take any action because we would not be free to change the predetermined destiny, anyway?

These are excellent questions. The answer is that a clear majority of people tend to avoid taking responsibility for their lives. They prefer letting others choose or decide for them or, at least, expect proposition of solutions.

These people are called the “crowd.” They tend to exhibit a behavior of herding in their everyday lives, as is the case for participants in financial markets.

We know that in free societies like the Western world, each person has the freedom and ability to take responsibility to shape her or his destiny freely. However, an overwhelming majority of individuals tends to join the crowd in order to avoid taking responsibility.

In fact, only a few choose to take responsibility for their lives and to shape their destiny in line with their personal dreams, needs, and wants.

The crowd prefers to let others decide or choose for them. This is their usual and habitual pattern of behavior at the subconscious level. By systematically rejecting to take responsibility, they know that they would always have the option of accusing others for their misery, and finally, indulging in the “pleasure” of being a victim.

This “subversive pleasure” of refusing to take responsibility is precisely the very force that produces the Elliott Wave patterns.

Why do people prefer to avoid taking responsibility to shape their lives? This must be the consequence of human beings’ biological and psychological development and evolution.

Liking people like yourself, and disliking people who are different seems to be the cause. It may also be the pleasure of known and the fear of unknown. Within these biological and psychological contexts, conservatism is the thinking and behavioral process that tends to make people do all they can, to control things and to keep them the same and unchanged.

They spend much effort, energy, and resources to ensure that today looks like yesterday, the previous day, week, month, year, and century. They refuse, reject, and often fight the change, even the progress, vigorously. This may even explain why the crowd like the pattern of linear progress for the market trends.

Conservatism refuses the change, progress, and growth. Their habitual pattern of thinking is to live for glories of the past.

By studying the history of species, however, we know that some species were unable to adapt to changing the environment and therefore, became extinct. Only species with the ability of adaptation managed to survive the challenge of species’ evolution.

We, as a human being, have evolved into what we are today because we have succeeded in liking the progress and growth and in adapting ourselves to the changing environment.

Yes, there is indeed a great pleasure in the process of progress and growth. There is even greater pleasure in the appreciation of difference, the very basic requirement for growth and progress. There will be no growth if we reject the change systematically. Often what doesn’t grow tends slowly to die.

Most likely, our biological and psychological need for conservatism and the fear of unknown is the root cause of our herding behavior.

We meet now and then also people who appreciate the unknown, change, progress, and growth. They take responsibility for what they do and for what happens in their lives. They consider that whatever happens in their lives and whomever they have become are the direct results of their own decisions and actions of the past. They take responsibility for mishaps, but also pride for privileges in their lives.

If a more significant number of people were to take responsibility for their lives, the overall destiny of humanity would take a slightly different direction. However, the overall effect of crowd herding would still produce recognizable Elliott Wave patterns and generate the Elliott Wave main direction and channels.

Is our destiny already predetermined? As you may guess by now, the answer is “Yes” and “No.”

Yes, it is predetermined for the crowd. However, any individual in the crowd has total freedom to determine her or his destiny at any given time by making a true decision.

The answer is “no” for the ones who have decided to take responsibility for their lives and to shape it according to their own dreams, visions, needs and wants. Destiny will take the second group in an entirely different direction but still within the overall boundaries of the wave channel, as produced by the crowd.

They will not be victims of circumstances, and they will use any situation to prosper, regardless of wave direction, downward or upward. They know that they are responsible for becoming whom they were, whom they have become, and whom they want to become. They also know that whatever happens in their lives, whether positive or negative, they are themselves the cause, and they produce themselves the outcomes.

They blame or praise only themselves for the achieved outcomes. Most importantly, they never play the role of a victim and don’t blame others for miseries in their lives.

As a corollary, the crowd may have secretly decided that the miseries are their fate, they are perpetual victims of others, and cannot do anything against the predetermined destiny.

The other group, however, considers that things are changing and see them as emerging opportunities. Who is right and who is wrong? This is a personal question. My choice is already made. What about yours?

By correctly applying “Cristal Ball” strategies, you have a tool at disposal that can enable you to shape your financial destiny.

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