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Impending Crash: Signs of Deeper Instability

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Excerpt from: “Crystal Ball for Investing and Trading” Book.

Impending Crash: Signs of deeper instability

In times of prosperity and growth, the crowd sentiment tends to look for consistency, continuity and consensus. Citizens tend to favor political parties around the perceived center and parties with government experience. In such times, politicians tend to approve more rights in favor of minorities and vulnerable citizens. Also countries tend to sign treaties in favor of peace, order, and stability.

However and according to Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), the start of the corrective Grand Super Cycle degree wave 4 from February 12, 2020 has meanwhile shifted the public sentiment and opinion significantly towards fear and extremism.

Since 2008, the Central bankers have been pushing with full steam to inflate the depressed prices of stock markets and real estate to repair the damages caused by financial crisis.

Despite numerous all-time highs for the stock market indexes in recent years and the massive intervention through monetary policies and QEs, the overall uncertainties continue to grow.

In spite of creation of massive national debts, the developed world’s economic expansion is still sluggish.

In times of market topping, the anti-establishment sentiments rise and the citizens favor new politician faces with populist and protectionist programs.At the same time, the extremism get tail wind.

We should not forget that Adolf Hitler, a political outsider, was elected in Germany immediately after the crisis of Great Depression of 1929-1932.

What is surprising and different this time though is the fact that this shift of public opinion towards the extremism and in favor of exclusion, division, and hatred versus inclusion, consensus, and tolerance is happening in times of repetitive all-time highs for the stock markets, not at the end of a depression.

Consequently, this fact presages more severe catastrophic events during and after the end of the crashing wave 4. Please refer to Dow Jones Trend Prediction until November 9, 2022, andis our destiny predetermined?for details.

As peace-loving citizens, we do hope that governments in power and the wealthy elites be fair enough, and use the forthcoming crash as an opportunity to get the economies rid of inefficiencies, which is the main goal of corrective waves, and not against the world peace and stability for the sake of self-enrichment and bullying weaker populations and countries to bear the costs of the crisis.

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