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What Timescale for a Trade?

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"Timescale for a trade" is an essential element of traders' profile. This is one of those things the Money Printing Strategy has no recommendation for. Each trader has its own individual trading and investing profile. Buy & Hold investor may use daily, weekly or even monthly charts while others daily, 2-days, 3-days, 4-days or weekly charts. Active investors may use daily charts while day-traders, daily and minute-charts.

In contrast to the majority of existing trading strategies, Money Printing Strategy focuses much more on "time" and "Timing" than on price. We know that selection of a trade duration has major impacts on the result of Reward-Risk Ratio. While longer-term investments provide higher values for the Reward-Risk Ratio, it may ignore the opportunities offered by waves of smaller degrees. The absolute net profit with just one buy & hold trade may be good. However, it may take a long time to achieve it and therefore, the percentage of yearly profit may be moderate. Conversely, day-traders who have the possibility of frequently surfing many smaller waves of, for example, 15-minute charts each day, would have relatively smaller Reward-Risk Ratio but because of the high frequency of trades, the final return per year may be much higher.

Based on what was said above, Money Printing Strategy has no a miracle duration recommendation for ALL investor and trader profiles. However, once you know your individual profile, Money Printing Strategy can be applied to.
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